Best Engineering Options

Weapons Engineering
Best Engineering Good Engineering Average Engineering Bad Engineering
Feedback Cascade Oversized Concordant Sequence Flow Control
Screening Shell Thermal Conduit Double Braced Stripped Down
Reverberating Cascade Phasing Sequence Scramble Spectrum Thermal Shock
Regeneration Sequence Corrosive Shell Incindiary Rounds Smart Rounds
Thermal Vent Force Shell Thermal Cascade
Super Penetrator Ion Disruption Drag Munitions
Multi-Servos Overload Munitions
Dazzle Shell
Plasma Slug
Inertial Impact
High Yield Shell
FSD Interrupt
Penetrator Munitions
Mass Lock Munitions
Penetrator Payload
Radiant Canister
Shift-lock Canister
Experimental Effects
Efficient Weapon Light Weight Short Range
Overcharged Weapon Long-range Weapon
Rapid Fire Modification Sturdy Mount
Double Shot Focused Weapon
High Capacity Magazine

Note: This is opinion based and does not reflect actual results with engineering, this is just a guide for new players to get an idea of what the community thinks is good or not so good. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions if you want to take this seriously.