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Current Squadron Operation

  • ‎‎Primary Objective

    - Complete Influence Missions for USC to promote expansion.
    - Goal is to go to 75% or above.

  • Description

    We want to expand from one of the following systems:
    - Arugbal
    - HIP 4120
    - HIP 3633
    - HIP 3161

    Please complete missions that give influence (INF) to USC. These missions can include:
    - Turning in bounties for USC. (Avoid turning in bounties for any other faction.)
    - Use interstellar factions in contacts to turn in out of system bounties.
    - Trade with stations in system for profit.

    The mission will be kept up to date with current mission objectives.

Activity Event Night

  • Primary Event

    - Join us in Discord once a month for our monthly event night!
    - We will be doing activites like CQC, PvP Combat, Racing and more!

  • Description

    Activity nights are basically a free for all to have fun! Come join us and have an enjoyable time! Some people may be drinking, so may be smoking. Whatever you may doing to have a good time, come do it with us!

Special Operation

  • Special Operation Details

    Find Raxxla.

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